Clinical Genomics

ABC INC offers a one-stop fully integrated service from sample preparation to next generation sequencing to bioinformatics. By managing the entire pipeline, we ensure quality control at every step of the process to provide more meaningful downstream results. ABC INC is one of pioneers for Next Generation Sequencing in India. We have completed more than 500 NGS projects partnering with more than 600 research institutes across India. ABC INC has developed expertise in various protocols like RAD‐Seq (Restriction site associated DNA), metagenome analysis, plant genomics, animal genomics, human genomics etc. Our dedicated bioinformatics team has developed explicit pipeline for the NGS analysis services. We have also generated hybrid sequencing and analysis pipeline for whole genome sequencing to generate adequate depth of sequencing data to efficiently assemble the genome. ABC INC looks forward to work with you and assist you in achieving your research goals. Team ABC INC is here to help you "get your projects done right, cost effectively and in optimum time".



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