2D Vertical Electrophoresis Unit

Product Features

Does not require special high current electrophoresis apparatus, normal
electrophoresis instrument can meet the demand of the experiment.
• The 1D and 2D is separate, can become independent electrophoresis tank.
• Can pour in cooling water to keep a cool environment.
• With a special gel casting, making the gel casting easy and simple.
• Switching off when opening the lid, safe electrical cables and made the operation
• Auto switch-off when the lid is moved.
Technical Specifications:-
• length of Glass tube: 120mm
• Gel diameter: 1.0, 2.0(mm)
• Gel size(W×L): 143×139mm
• Gel size(W×L): 143×139mm
• Gel thickness : 1.0mm, 2.0mm
• Gel Amount : 1-2(pieces)
• Sample volume : (1.0mm) 21, 29wells,(2.0mm) 21, 29wells
• Buffer Volume : 2500ml

• Volume (L×W×H): 460×230×400mm
• Weight : 13.2kg


Parts Name Packing Quantity
Electrophoresis Tank 1
Inner core of 1D 1
Inner core of 2D 1
Notched glass plates 4
1mm bonded glass spacer 2
2mm bonded glass spacer 2
1mm thick 21wells comb 2
2mm thick 21wells comb 2
1mm thick 29wells comb 2
2mm thick 29wells comb 2
1mm diameter glass tube 12
2mm diameter glass tube 12
Rubber plug 24
Gel casting 1
Silica gel tube 3
Electrical Cables 1

Catalog No.       Description
AI-BRVE-2D     2D Vertical Electrophoresis