Refrigerated Centrifuge

Product Features

Large Capacity Refrigerated Centrifuge

Size/Dimension 760x890x930
Speed 4200rpm
Type Refrigerated Centrifuge
Model Name/Number WLR-H6000
Capacity 6 X 1000ml
Material All-steel, stainless steel centrifuge chamber
Basket Speed 4200rpm

CentrifugeBest Choice for High Performance and Superior Quality CentrifugeWLR-H6000Large CapacityRefrigerated CentrifugeFeature:1. Microcomputer control with 7 inch touch screen digital display.2. Driven by brushless AC frequency conversion motor with quiet and clean running.3. Furnished with special key for display of centrifugal force to observe the centrifugal force at any time.4. Electric door lock to ensure safe running, which automatically locks once the motor is started.5. Up to max. 30g unbalanced eccentric weight without the need of special trimming by weighing.6. Parameters can be modified at any time during the running without stopping the machine.7. All-steel construction with double steel plate protection.8. Imported Danfoss refrigerating unit.

Model No. WLR-H6000Max speed 4200rpmMax RCF 5116xgSwing Rotor 6 X 1000mlSpeed accuracy ± 10rpmSpeed control system Microprocessor, Frequency control of motor speedTemperature range -20 ~ +40???Temperature accuracy ± 1???Noise ≤60dBTimer range 1~99min/continuationPower supply AC 220V 50HZPower 2.0KVAWeight 260kgDimensions (LxWxH) mmConstruction All-steel, stainless steel centrifuge chamberDimensions760x890x930425mmx510mmx415mm