Semi-Automated Plate Sealer

Product Features

The Semi-Automated Plate Sealer is used for sealing a wide variety of micro
plates (Elisa, cell culture, PCR and deep-well plates) to store samples, prevent
evaporation and minimize contamination. It is applicable for a variety of heat
seals, meeting any laboratory application, including PCR, colorimetric,
fluorescence, long term storage. A plate sensing system allows to provide
uniform force, transferring heat evenly to the sealing surface whether using
PCR plates or deep-well plates.

Rapid heating(reaching 170°C in 300 seconds)
Adjustable Sealing Temperature: 80°C ~170°C
OLED display screen, high light.
Applicable for different micro plates and heat seals.
Precise temperature, timing and pressure for consistent sealing.
Compact footprint: only 178mm wide x 370mm depth

If a hand or objects stuck in the drawer when it’s moving, the drawer motor will reverse automatically. This feature prevent both user and the unit from injury.
Special and smart design on the drawer, it can be detached from the main device.

Power save mode:

 If the unit is left on but inactive for long periods, it will enter a power saving mode.  When the unit is inactive for 60 min, it will switch into stand-by mode. Then the temperature will be reduced to 60°C to save power.

 When the unit is inactive for 120  min, it will switch into Power-Save mode. The display and heating element will be switched off. The user can awaken the unit by pressing any button.